Cloud-Native Data Integrator

A universal, enterprise-grade data integration solution that enables fully orchestrated data pipelines.

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Introducing CNDI

CNDI, pronounced “Candy,” is a flexible, next-generation data integration platform.

CNDI pulls, cleanses, moves, transforms, blends, and pushes your data across a wide range of platforms, giving you the freedom to deliver data wherever and whenever you want, the way you want it done.

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What CNDI can do for your business

CNDI offers lower costs, quicker deployment, reduced complexity, and an optional no-code interface.

This saves you money and resources that can be invested instead on growing your business, and equips you and your data professionals with truly versatile tools enabling endless data-driven possibilities.

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Lower set-up and on-going costs

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Fully visualized data pipeline

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Deployment in hours, not weeks

CNDI use cases

CNDI can be used for decision support, enterprise application integration, data services, data migrations, and general data automation.

CNDI meets your needs as a data professional, and lets you collaborate with data teams across your organization.

Data Engineer

  • Data processing with code
  • ELT orchestration
  • Integrated authentication
  • High availability
  • Scale-in / Scale-out
  • Versatile deployments

BI Practitioner

  • ETL pipelines
  • ELT orchestration
  • High availability
  • Integrated authentication
  • Source control
  • Scale-in / Scale-out
  • Versatile deployments

Data Scientist

  • Code-based data processing in Python
  • Spark ML orchestration
  • Lightweight local environment for experimentation
  • Source control

Who are we?

CNDI is produced by unTribe.

A dedicated, vibrant, and inquisitive team, unTribe has at its core the goal of simplifying data solutions, making enterprise data technologies friendly and effective for all.

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